Interested in computational biology, genomics, statistics, machine learning and sports

I am a Computational Biologist with experience in Genomic data analysis, having worked at University of Bern and the latest at EPFL.

My main interests are Biology, Bioinformatics, Biostatistics, Metabolism, Programming, Nutrition, and Sports. I focused on improving my skills to give the best support in my job.

My recently used tools are:

  • Python alt_text
  • Sci-kit alt_text
  • R alt_text
  • Shiny alt_text
  • Jupyter alt_text
  • Cytoscape alt_text
  • Linux alt_text
  • Slurm alt_text
  • Adobe alt_text

I love being in Nature and having time for my hobbies. alt_text alt_text

If any questions, I am happy to answer through any social platform or email, check in Contact!

Have a nice day!